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If you love what we do and want to be apart of that, you can hire me out. If that be to help sell your car, shoot your car to have memories for ever, cover your event or photo packages at public events, or anything automotive based, we got you!

Car shoot

Shoot usually consists of 1 or 2 locations, 2 hours. I'm not clock watching though, and I'm not aiming for a certain amount of photos. I'll take as many quality photos as I can to capture your vehicle at its absolute best.

Why not a certain amount? Because if you have a stock interior, we can't go wild with detail shots, if you have a stock bay, we can't go wild with details. I'll give you the best possible photos of your vehicle.


Car shoot - Selling car

Why different to a normal shoot? Because selling a car is more about showing off a car in a normal, less "creative" way. for examples likes photos from certain angles to be consistent. They are 1 location, usually an hour, nothing too creative, but high quality well edited photos to help sell your pride!



This entirely depends on the event. If you have 20 cars or have 2000 cars, the price will of course vary. Event coverage starts at 300$ - so if your budget isn't above 300 I can recommend other creatives to help you work within your budget.


Event photo packages

If I'm going to an event I will open up photography package slots. The amount of slots varies on the event but usually 2-4 slots, starting at 100$, going up depending on length of event and how complicated the venue is.

This means if I ever see your car, you, or your pits, I take some photos.

As a photographer we have to balance workload vs output, which is why we can't always get every single car/person. Buy a package, and you'll get my attention divided between those packages.


Individual photos

If you see a photo you like of your car or you on my Facebook or Instagram, you have the option to get that as a high quality download.

They come watermarked and are 99% of the time Portrait and cropped ready for Social media (4:5 ratio, if interested).



Contact for quote.

Contact for quote.

$15 per photo

Let's Work Together

Still on the fence, check some more photos below and if you're still not keen, that's perfectly ok. Everyone has their own style and I'm more then happy to discuss other creative options with you, and creatives who maybe better suited to you.

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