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Free shoot?*

* nothing is free

Please have a read, all explained

As with everything, a human's greatest commodity is time, and both my time, and yours, is precious, so a quick intro to what a "Free shoot" entails.

  • One/two shoots a month, or as much as time allows

  • Each month, every car filled in here goes into a random draw, 1 is randomly chosen, those chosen are no longer eligible for 8 months

    • This ensures cars regardless of anything else have the opportunity to have a shoot​

    • For example, chosen in month 1, you won't be in again until month 9, ensures opportunity for others, and for you to switch/improve/change the car

  • The draws are by car, if you own 20 cars, you can enter 20 times if you like​

  • I'll be transparent on socials with how many are in the draw, could be 2, could be 50, unsure how popular this will be!

  • Entries not picked stay on

    • So you may not randomly get picked month 1, but may do in month 2, or 3, etc​

  • You agree to let me sell photos as prints if they fit the shop

    • As owner, you get 25% discount code​ for yourself only

  • You agree to share a couple of Instagram stories​

  • The shoot is a condensed version of a paid shoot, which are still available

    • Hang out for around an hour, take some photos, get some bangers​

  • If the car doesn't move, I will come to you and shoot in a workshop/yard​

Probably wondering, why?

I miss shooting cool cars.

I miss meeting cool people.

I miss hearing cool automotive stories.

I want to improve my craft.

I want to in some way give people who may not be able to afford a paid shoot, or not believe their car is good enough, to get some decent photographs of their car.

How do you know if you got a shoot slot?


We'll be in contact via email/socials with information for how to book a time slot.

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